26 Best Free Stock Photo Websites 2022

This is probably the best list of free stock photo websites in the world. Note: Websites mentioned in this article are not in any order. Here is the list… Pixabay Pixbay has almost half million free stock images and an advanced search feature that allows users to find the best images. The site also has an Editors Choice section where … Read more

10 Best Free Video Players For Windows

I have created a list of 10 best free video players for Windows operating system. I think you’ll love it. Do you watch movies and TV shows on your computer?  To watch your favorite TV shows and movies on your computer the way to want (unless you are watching those online), you need a video player, not any … Read more

RetroArch – An All-in-One Retro Games Emulator

RetroArch, formerly known as SSNES is a powerful open source software that allows you to play many emulators and games on a device. This one is a lot different than any other emulators because unlike other emulators it allows you to include all kinds of consoles and games. That is, RetroArch is not itself an emulator, it is … Read more

How to Uninstall Lively Wallpaper App on Windows 11

Step 1: Open the Installed Apps page on your system by pressing the Windows key and typing installed apps. Step 2: Then, press Enter key. Step 3: Type lively in the search bar and click three horizontal dots(show more options) of the Lively Wallpaper app from the results. Step 4: Click Uninstall from the list. Step 5: Confirm it by again clicking on Uninstall. Step 6: It will start uninstalling … Read more

How to Remove Active Live Wallpaper from Desktop Background

Step 1: Press the Windows key and type lively wallpaper and select the Lively Wallpaper app from the results as shown below. Step 2: Click Active Wallpaper(s) at the top as shown below. Step 3: Then, click Close to remove the live wallpaper which is active on the screen. Step 4: After that, click OK to close the window. Now the live wallpaper is removed from the … Read more

How to Install and Use Lively Wallpaper

Lively Wallpaper is highly customizable and offers with several settings that you can adjust to your preferences. To create, save and then use wallpapers on your desktop it is recommended to try this highly recommended application for customization. The wallpaper displayed on the desktop screen is among the most intriguing and captivating features of the … Read more