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Lively Wallpaper Download

Lively Wallpaper is a Windows application designed to turn GIFs, games, and videos into animated wallpapers. The program lets you customize and transform your computer’s screen into interactive wallpapers.

Live desktop wallpapers, bring your desktop to life!
A Really Amazing Application for Windows PC that make your Desktop looks fresh.

Features of Lively Wallpaper

Lively Wallpaper supports real-time, customizable backgrounds that can be customized in real-time. It lets you use the built-in creator as well as external codecs that can convert any media image into wallpaper. It supports various formats, including AVI MOV, MP4 and WebM.

It features a library of animated wallpapers, themes and other contents to give you an extensive description of the available choices. If you’re looking to save wallpapers then you’ll be pleased to learn that the application can be customized and supports real-time backgrounds. It also supports hardware-accelerated playback of videos, and is available with the option of using the most popular Directshow codec.

A few of the top options are Kawaii Codec, K-Lite, LAV and many other. In addition the files are accessible in the format of lively-zip, which can be easily shared with colleagues, friends and relatives. You can easily create these formats with the software’s created-in tool.

It also offers complete support for multiple monitors. In this way, the same Windows wallpaper is able to be spread across several screens. Although the same wallpaper may be replicated across multiple displays, each one is also able to accommodate different wallpapers. In addition, when your computer is idle for a specified period of time the music clip’s sound will be automatically turned off.

If an application or game that is heavy on the screen application is being played on the system and the Windows theme playback automatically stops. This will ensure that there is no use of the CPU and GPU which improves your system’s performance. You can set the performance of the personalization tool as well as speed and usage in many ways.

When you are playing fun wallpapers on the screen, you are able to set playback guidelines based on the requirements of the foreground application. For example, you can suspend playback for each display or for all screens to ensure that the wallpaper is only played when the system isn’t in use.

System Requirement

Following are the Recommended requirements for the Lively Wallpaper for batter performance:

  • Recommended Memory: 2 GB
  • CPU: Intel Core i3
  • OS: Windows 10 / Windows 11

How to Use Lively Wallpaper

The wallpaper displayed on the desktop screen is among the most intriguing and captivating features of the system when it is started. It creates a positive impression on individuals and helps people to work hard as well as feeling content.

It is highly customizable and offers with several settings that you can adjust to your preferences. To create, save and then use wallpapers on your desktop it is recommended to try this highly recommended application for customization.

If you want to Use it on your Desktop then you need to Follow several steps as stated Below:

  1. Download Lively Wallpaper Application.
  2. Install it on your PC
  3. Open application and select the preinstalled Live Wallpapers
  4. Else you can set any live wallpaper, GIF, Video as Desktop background just follow these Detailed article.