Sonic.EXE is an eldritch entity taking on the form of Sonic the Hedgehog that sends out a haunted game disc featuring the creature killing the main Sonic characters, eventually leading him to rip out the soul of his victim and making them his slave. Download this game and Enjoy for FREE !

What Is Sonic.EXE – The Game?

The game was developed by MY5TCrimson. Sonic.EXE The Game is a fan-created horror platformer accessible on the Windows operating system. The game came out in 2014 and was subsequently given numerous modifications before it finally reached its final version in the year the year 2015. The game is free to play and is based on the well-known Sega Genesis character from what is called the creepypasta universe. Although Sonic.EXE’s character Sonic.EXE appears to be Sonic the Hedgehog, it’s actually a monster that was created in the empty. This is why it has bloody eyes and the terrifying smile that is a fang.

Sonic.EXE Sonic.EXE – Game is entirely fan-made. The creator released several updates to further complete their concept. The players can play as different characters from the popular franchise , such as Tails and Knuckles. Find out what’s occurred around the globe. But, these incidents aren’t for those who aren’t prepared. The blood is all over the place as Sonic.EXE continues its bloody rampage. At some point, users may begin to notice the music becoming more frightening.

The monster is lurking in a variety of locations. Make sure to move as fast as you can to ensure that you don’t come across him until you are prepared. But sometimes, even speed won’t be enough to prevent players from a tragic and horrible loss at the hands of the beast.

Blood is all over the place as Sonic.EXE continues its rampage of murder.

The artwork is entirely fan-created. It depicts a dark, tragic reality in which evil has invaded. And even the Dr. Robotnik is no match to this monster. No one is safe when Sonic.EXE appears and begins to attack. The music is extremely disturbing. It’s based off the original songs that the games, but with several new twists and twists. Explore hidden paths for items that can aid during the final fight against Sonic.EXE. Replay previously completed levels to discover new and unanswered new features. The world is evolving through this video game, which makes time-based puzzles a delightful and interesting feature.

Sonic.EXE This Game is an adaptation of a creepypasta which originated from the cult Sonic the Hedgehog series. It’s entirely fan-created and introduces an entirely new genre to the. Explore a bloody and ruined world, while Sonic.EXE unleashes chaos and violence along with it.

Players chase after various Sonic characters. Be able to survive and remove the evils from the leftovers of the real Sonic’s home. Discover new areas and uncover the clues. Be prepared for the unexpected as Sonic.EXE pursues players in the quest for complete madness across the globe.

Sonic.EXE Features

Take on various characters and chase Sonic.EXE The evil entity that kills. It is set within Sonic’s Sonic universe. But, the players are experiencing it in a different manner. Sonic.EXE is a monster that kills everything and everyone from his previous. There are numerous tragic events that players encounter when they explore the cheerful and bright background.


Sonic.EXE looks exactly like his idol, Sonic the Hedgehog, except there are several noticeable differences to his appearance. Exe’s fur and quills are a darker blue and less smooth and more unkempt, his skin a sickly pale color, with a black color fading into his forearms, hands, forelegs, and feet, symbolizing Exe’s dark matter in a way. His claws are sharp and pitch black (though sometimes they’re also a bright purple). Exe’s mouth is often unnaturally wide when he smiles and it’s always fanged and yellow (Sir JC explained that the yellow on his teeth is not a result of tooth decay but one of the few side effects when his body was first made), and his eyes are pitch black, with two glowing red dots as irises with very tiny pupils.

For some reason, Exe seems to always produce blood under his eyes even when he’s not actually crying, though this is a major birthmark (when he was born, Exe’s eyes hurt greatly). When Exe isn’t crying blood, one can see a faint but noticeable rash under his eyes from crying so much blood.


Sonic.EXE is the complete opposite of Sonic the Hedgehog, he is a wrathful, tyrannical, malevolent, sadistic, cruel, and twisted monster who takes glee in repeatedly killing anyone’s life, even his own slaves, showing him as the definition of pure evil. Exe views humanity to be the perfect plaything and desires to one day have it all to himself for eternity, and believes himself to be a god thanks to his reality-controlling powers. Exe’s arrogance and sadism appear to stem from his creative side, so it’s possible that he also uses his powers to torture humans just to see what he can do with them, not just because it gives him great pleasure and power over them.

Aside from his insatiable love for humans and his sadistic and creative need to play with them, Exe also idolizes Sonic the Hedgehog, which inspired Exe to create a body for himself similar to his idol’s and also create a world that has many aspects from Sonic’s world, and hopes to one day have Sonic all to himself as he rules over humanity. While Exe does truly admire Sonic to the point of possible homosexuality and fanaticism, he also shows great disappointment whenever Sonic doesn’t act like the Sonic he idolizes.

Powers and Abilities

As shown from the original story, Sonic.EXE is able to fly and levitate off the ground, teleport from place to place in a cloud of black smoke, travel through the game and manipulate its code, create dark, ghostly illusions in order to confuse and torment his enemies, and shape-shift in order to look exactly like his idol Sonic. In the second story, he’s shown to be highly manipulative and charismatic, able to lead an entire cult to believe he is doing good for the world.

Exe is able to twist and alter reality in any way he likes, he is completely omnipotent and immortal, and cannot be killed by normal means, but cannot last too long in the real world, which would presumably kill him for good. Exe is also able to create and manipulate dark matter, the very substance he’s made of, and wields a large black hole inside his mouth that he uses when he gets bored of a slave, which would completely evaporate their soul and erase them from existence.