Gacha Heat mod is considered the newly modified version of Gacha Life Game. Where all the limitations and pro resources are directly reachable to access. Without any subscription or integration of third-party assisting tools.

Gacha Heat is a MOD of Gacha Club that adds new features to the game, and specialized in the creation of Anime characters, for the subsequent creation of love or romantic stories between these characters, a very fashionable phenomenon nowadays among the Gacha community, known as Gacha Heat.

What is Gacha Heat Mod ?

Gacha Heat Mod allows players to experience the game with no limitations, making it easy to achieve victories. It is compatible with a wide range of Android versions and iOS devices, making it accessible to a large audience. To start using Gacha Heat Mod, simply download the app and customize the game to your liking.

This mod combines elements of Gacha Life and Gacha Studios, as well as unique features. It has received praise from players around the world for its customization options. However, the developer of Gacha Heat has also created and shared offensive content on platforms like TikTok and YouTube, which has sparked controversy and resulted in hashtags like “Gacha Toxic” and “Gacha Toxico” on TikTok. While some players have downloaded and enjoyed this content, it has received mixed reactions.


Gacha Heat Mod has a lot of features and Below are the highlighted features that we really think you should consider while playing this game.

Gacha club remix

As we mentioned earlier, Gacha Heat Mod is the remix of other Gacha series. However, in this version, a player will find numerous new accessories, character customization options, and many other related things.


Plenty of different kinds of wallpapers are present in this app and players can download all the premium wallpapers through this mod version for free.


Players are free to change the costumes of the gaming character by choosing from the vast variety of options available. Besides, many costume-themed HD wallpapers are also available in this new game version.


The game has very attractive themes and these themes are enhancing the gameplay from all aspects.


There are numerous backgrounds available and the developers of this app are adding new backgrounds and themes more frequently to keep the interest alive.

Explicit content

In addition, no one can deny the fact that the app has explicit content that is no doubt harmful to younger kids.

Change the color

With the assistance of this app, players can change the color of different objects and characters.


To play this game more smoothly, there are more than 600 poses available to use.

Pets and objects

Players can customize the available pets and objects according to their tastes and liking.

Custom profiles

It is no longer difficult to set custom profiles for all of the gaming characters.

Import and Export

Players are free to import and export their favorite characters to their friends.

Free of cost

The app is giving access to all of the best features of this game for free.

Download Gacha Heat Mod APK

By simply clicking on download button you will get an APK file of the Gacha Heat mod. This file need to install on your Android device and your ready to play this Gacha Mod.

App NameGacha Heat
Version2.1.1 Latest
Size164 Mb
Mod DetailNew Module
Supported OSAndroid 5.0 or higher, iOS